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Week Comment Winner
Week 01 Sharon and JohnG take it to Monday Night, and JohnG takes Week 1! JohnG
Week 02 Brian leads Sharon early, and clinches Sunday afternoon. Brian
Week 03 A very close contest won by Ruth with spot-on MNF points! Ruth
Week 04 A tough week! The two Neils fight for MNF points, which Neil II takes! Neil II
Week 05 Sharon leads, then JohnG ties, then Brian edges out three on MNF points. Brian
Week 06 Kevin takes charge early and leaves the rest behind! Kevin
Week 07 Neil slides past Sharon and JohnS to end his drought! Neil
Week 08 Ruth and Steve come close to knocking Brian off. Brian
Week 09 Neil II leads, then Steve and Brian catch up & Brian takes it on MNF points. Brian
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Week 10 Brent leads, Neil II ties it up, then Brent scores on MNF points! Brent
Week 11 Sharon and JohnS take it to Monday night, and Sharon claims it! Sharon
Week 12 Ruth scorches the competition! Ruth
Week 13 JohnG and Brent lead a very tight race, won by JohnG on Sunday night! JohnG
Week 14 Brent leads JohnS early, then Paul ties Brent, and BrentS edges out on MNF points! Brent
Week 15 A 4-way tie Sunday, 3-way Monday, broken by Brent on low MNF Points! Brent
Week 16 Brian leads, then Ruth and Neil II surge ahead, and Ruth wins on low points! Ruth
Week 17 Neil II and JohnG vie, then Paul, then Kevin, but Neil II takes it on points! Neil II
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College Bowls Neil leads, then Steve charges ahead, and takes the big win! Steve
NFL Playoffs Kyle leads JohnG - Oakland makes it in to ...... TIE!!! Kyle & JohnG
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